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About the department

Department of Forensic Medicine

The Department of Forensic Medicine carries out a range of forensic investigations. It is divided into three sections:

The sections undertake research and teaching in their own fields. Read about our research.

The role of the universities in forensic medicine in Denmark

Forensic investigations in Denmark are carried out by universities in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. This is to ensure that they are carried out independently of the judiciary and to ensure that they are of high professional and scientific quality.

Forensic investigations are an important factor in many court cases and decisions made by the Danish authorities. Confidence in the results of the forensic investigations is essential.

Quality and impartiality

The department is very conscious of its responsibilities and of how important it is to make sure that the results of its analyses and investigations are correct. To document quality, improve procedures and avoid errors, the three sections are accredited according to international quality assurance standards. Accreditation is subject to regular inspections by Danish Accreditation. Read more about quality assurance at the department.