Section of Forensic Chemistry – University of Copenhagen

Section of Forensic Chemistry

The Section of Forensic Chemistry is part of the Department of Forensic Medicine at the University of Copenhagen. The section conducts teaching and research, and supervises PhD projects and theses.

Our primary practical duty is to carry out toxicological analyses of biological  samples from living human beings or corpses. These samples may consist of blood, urine, hair, and various forms of tissue. We also analyse non-biological materials such as tablets, powders or other objects to determine whether they contain drugs. The section employs about forty forensic chemists, PhD students, laboratory technicians, IT developers and secretaries.

The toxological analyses we perform include:

We analyse drugs and narcotics at the request of the police and the judiciary from samples originating from East of the Great Belt and from the Faroe Islands. However, we cover  all of the country, Faroe Islands and Greenland when it comes to the determination of alcohol concentrations in the blood as well as a number of highly-specialised analyses.