Forensic odontological examinations – University of Copenhagen

Forensic odontological examinations

The Section of Forensic Pathology has a number of dentists and forensic odontologists who specialise in forensic medicine. Forensic odontologists provide professional support at the request of the police, courts and in special cases other authorities when expert assessment is required of odontological factors in relation to evidence.

Teeth are well-suited for this purpose, partly because of their resistance to fire and biological decomposition, and partly because their many individual features, such as number and location, fillings and crowns, etc. Identification is performed by comparing the teeth of the deceased with dental records.

Some of the duties performed by forensic odontologists include:

  • Identification/dental descriptions
  • Mass fatality identification services
  • Determining chronological age
  • Dental damage in torture cases
  • Assessing dental and bite marks
  • Assessing photographic evidence
  • Anthropological investigations of dental and jawbone fragments.