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Working at the department

The Department of Forensic Medicine is part of the University of Copenhagen. We engage in traditional university activities such as research and education and we carry out forensic investigations for the police, the judiciary, etc. The department conducts research into the latest forensic methods to ensure the kind of high quality forensic medicine that society requires.

Working at the Department of Forensic Medicine will give you the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, and there is room for professional and personal development. We pride ourselves on our healthy mental and physical working environment.

We primarily employ physicians with an interest in forensic pathology, scholars such as forensic geneticists and forensic chemists, and laboratory technicians, laboratory technicians and secretaries. We also teach students who want to write Bachelor, Master or PhD theses in forensic pathology, forensic genetics and forensic chemistry, and we take on post-docs who have an interest in forensic research.

If you are interested in working at the department, you can search for vacant positions at the University of Copenhagen's job portal.