Research at the Unit of Forensic Anthropology

Main projects

Virtual autopsies of mumies

Mumies represent unique and precious finds, with the ability to give us information about the health and disease in past populations.

3D animation of victims of crimes

Individualized 3D-models of victims with actual body proportions reflecting external and internal injuries may be animated and used for crime scene reconstruction.

Age-determination from long bone length

Using an alternative method to dental age determination, we age Scandinavian medieval sub-adults based on long bone length.

Health, disease and diet during the Industrial Period

An anthropological investigation of health, disease and diet in 19th- and 20th-century Copenhagen based on skeletal remains.

Estimating age at death from pelvis

We will develop a method to estimate the age at death by applying geometric morphology principles to the auricular surface of the ilium.

Age evaluation of living persons with CT and MR scanning

We compare the age estimated from bone development with other methods and develop MR scanning methods for age evaluation.

Recognition and reconstruction of human gait

Development of methods for the recognition and reconstruction of human gait based on minimalistic ("markerless") data sets.

Cremation in a bio-archaeological perspective

Urns are CT-scanned prior to excavation with the aim to answer questions about changing cremation and burial practices.