Research and development projects are closely tied to our forensic investigations. Both sides benefit from working together. The resulting synergy helps to ensure that we are always in front with the latest knowledge and technology.

How do we apply research results in our work?

Research studies often require new methods in order to obtain results relevant to the subject of the study. If the study turns out well, this technology can be adapted and applied to improve our forensic investigations.

Better methods can improve:

  • Response times (from the time that we receive a specimen to the time when we can send our conclusions to the police)
  • The amount of information that we can obtain from our analyses
  • The range of forensic services; we can take on new types of investigation and analyses.

Legislation and political decision-making

The department is regularly consulted in connection with legislation relating to forensic medicine. Our role may be that of an interested party or as an active contributor to the political decision-making process. Our job is to ensure that new legislation or political decisions rest on properly documented scientific foundations. Current knowledge derives from studies and research results from Denmark and abroad; studies and research into conditions in Denmark are often crucial when Danish legislation is drawn up and its effects are assessed.