Outplacement or internship – University of Copenhagen

Outplacement or internship - general terms

The Department of Forensic Medicine invites students from Denmark and foreign countries for outplacement, internship, research fellowships, etc.  The department cannot support with grants.

The sections of the department have different terms and research areas. In general, students must be with us for at least six months. Special arrangements can be made, but this depends on the project.

If you want to apply for outplacement, internship, etc., please send an e-mail to the relevant section including: 

  • a letter of motivation, including three areas of research that you would prefer - please prioritize.
  • curriculum vitae
  • all marks and evaluations from your university study
  • name, position, and contact details, including e-mail address and telephone number of a present teacher, who is willing to give reference.

Supervision areas and contact


Section of Forensic Genetics



Forensic genetics
Associations between phenotypes and diseases 


Mathematical modelling



Niels Morling  



Section of Forensic Chemistry






Development of analytical methods

Measurement in alternative matrices to blood Metabolism studies





Professor Kristian Linnet



Section of Forensic Pathology



Forensic pathology


Sudden Cardiac death


Clinical forensic pathology



Jytte Banner



Unit of Forensic Anthopology




Forensic anthropology

Physical anthropology





Niels Lynnerup