A notable excess mortality is present among the mentally ill. The project "SURVIVE: Let the dead help the living" is a prospective, nationwide autopsy-based study and a collaboration between the Forensic Institutes in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus and large number of other excellent research facilities.

Main projects

SURVIVE - Let the dead help the living

How can knowledge from deceased mentally ill benefit the living? The aim is to improve the diagnostic measures and disease control of the mentally ill. 

Prognostic markers for heart diseases

We want to study and develop the use of CT-imaging as a prognostic marker for Coronary Artery Disease and cardiovascular disease. 

Metabolism and inflammation

We want to investigate adipose tissue at specific locations to identify stronger prognostic markers for heart diseases. 

The impact of life stress

In this study we want to investigate morphological changes in the stress regulating areas in the brain in a cohort of autopsied severe mental ill individuals. 

Polypharmacy and arrhythmia

Are unexplained deaths among psychiatric patients related to drugs? 

Lifestyle, medication and fatty hearts

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the correlation between lifestyle and anti-psychotics and the development of a fatty heart. 

Fat accumulation in the human heart

This study will investigate fat accumulation in the human heart cells and compare it to information about lifestyle and the use or abuse of drugs and alcohol. 

Morphometry and organ size at autopsy

We aim to validate morphometric measurements and find the correlation between organ size, the intake of anti-psychotic medication and inadequate living. 

Patho-anatomical organ changes

This project investigates the role of fatty liver and medication. 

Antipsychotic medicine and osteoporosis

We examine role of Prolactin and the effect of antipsychotic medication on bone density. 

Drug induced kidney lesions

The purpose of this project is to investigate if pathological kidney lesions can be associated with the use or abuse of specific psychiatric medication. 

Epigenetic mechanisms behind drug-induced arrhythmia

We aim to explore miRNA and DNA methylation patterns that could be associated with the premature death of schizophrenics. 

Polypharmacy and genetic sensitivity

We want to determine if increased genetic sensitivity to QT-prolonging psychotropic pharmaceuticals is a contributory cause in the occurrence of sudden death in patients.