Graduate programme for Oral Sciences, Forensic Medicine and Bioanthropology

Picture: Word cloud of the words describing our visions of the graduate programme at the kick-off seminar for supervisors and PhD-students in November 2018. 


Welcome to our online version of the Graduate programme. We aim to give the best possible environment for your PhD-process. The word cloud above represents the dreams and visions of our programme function, settled at a kick-off seminar, November 2018 by the supervisors and PhD students within our programme. 


Our graduate programme head is professor Niels Lynnerup, Head of Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen. 

Management board

Our management board ensures a good and functional programme and consists of our Department heads, two representative supervisors and our two PhD coordinators: 

  • Niels Lynnerup, Head of Department of Forensic Medicine
  • Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen, Head of Department of Odontology
  • Professor Jytte Banner, Department of Forensic Medicine
  • Associate Professor Merete Markvart, Department of Odontology
  • Associate professor Sys Stybe Johansen, Department of Forensic Medicine
  • Associate professor Esben Øzhayat Boeskov, Department of Odontology

Graduate programme management board

In the picture from the left: Anne-Marie, Esben, Merete, Niels, Sys (Jytte not in the picture)

Advisory Board

Our advisory board guides the management board on important content of the graduate programme and consists of: 

  • Eric Paul Bennett (associate prof)
  • Klaus Gotfredsen (prof)
  • Maria Anastasia Grande (ph.d.-studerende)
  • Stavroula Michou (ph.d.-studerende)
  • Claus Børsting (associate prof)
  • Marie Mardahl (assistant prof)
  • Michael Nedahl (ph.d.-studerende)

In the picture from the left: Maria Kvetny (administrator), Eric, Stavroula, Klaus, Marie, Michael and Claus.

Contact us through graduate programme administrator Maria Julie Kvetny.