Staff in the department

Name Title Phone E-mail
Banner, Jytte Professor +4535326174 E-mail
Buchard, Anders Forensic Geneticist +4535326285 E-mail
Bugge, Anne Birgitte Dyhre Medical Specialist, Forensic +4535328152 E-mail
Butschkow, Per Mønsted IT Manager   E-mail
Børsting, Claus Senior Researcher +4535326225 E-mail
Castrone, Antonino Head of Administration +4528752752 E-mail
Correll, Henrik Forensic Engineer +4535337143 E-mail
Dalsgaard, Petur Weihe Senior Researcher +4535326207 E-mail
Forsting, Karen Asmussen Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535326226 E-mail
Fredslund, Stine Frisk Research Consultant +4535327749 E-mail
Hallenberg, Charlotte Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535326034 E-mail
Hansen, Steen Holger Deputy State-appointed Forensic Pathologist +4535326185 E-mail
Holmer, Anders Forensic Geneticist +4535337162 E-mail
Jacobsen, Christina Associate Professor +4535326168 E-mail
Johansen, Niels Walentin Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535327241 E-mail
Johansen, Sys Stybe Associate Professor +4535326241 E-mail
Jørkov, Marie Louise Schjellerup Associate Professor +4535327229 E-mail
Knudsen, Vibeke Group Leader +4535326033 E-mail
Linnet, Kristian Professor +4535326100 E-mail
Lynnerup, Niels Head of Department +4535327239 E-mail
Mogensen, Helle Smidt Forensic Geneticist +4535326212 E-mail
Müller, Irene Breum Head of Section +4535326088 E-mail
Olsen, Kristine Boisen Medical Specialist, Forensic +4535337145 E-mail
Petersen, Cathrine Bie Research Consultant +4535326244 E-mail
Rasmussen, Anette Medical Secretary +4535333825 E-mail
Rasmussen, Brian Schou Senior Researcher +4535326245 E-mail
Simonsen, Bo Thisted Head of Section +4535326136 E-mail