Research in forensic chemistry

Our research and development focus on, amongst others:

  • New analytical methods based on high-resolution mass spectrometry
  • Measurement in alternative matrices to blood as hair, brain, muscle and others
  • In vitro metabolism studies of new psychoactive substances (NPS)
  • Drug abuse epidemiology based on waste-water analysis
  • The occurrence and significance of drugs in the traffic

Professor Kristian Linnet is the Head of the Section of Forensic Chemistry. The research management also includes Associate Professor Sys Stybe Johansen, Senior Researcher Brian Schou Rasmussen and Senior Researcher Petur Weihe.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Angelica Ørregaard Lindholm PhD Fellow +4535327589 E-mail
Brian Schou Rasmussen Senior Researcher +4535326245 E-mail
Christian Falck Jørgensen PhD Fellow +4535335207 E-mail
Jan Bílek PhD Fellow +4535326686 E-mail
Kathrine Østerballe Skov Postdoc +4535336740 E-mail
Kristian Linnet Professor +4535326100 E-mail
Marie Katrine Klose Nielsen Senior Researcher +4535326312 E-mail
Marie Mardal Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535330656 E-mail
Mikayla Zoë van der Meer PhD Fellow +4535331396 E-mail
Pia Johansson Heinsvig Postdoc +4535325397 E-mail
Ragnar Thomsen Forensic Chemist +4535326259 E-mail
Sys Stybe Johansen Associate Professor +4535326241 E-mail