Research in forensic pathology

Our research covers the following four main areas.

Research on deceased. The research is based on forensic autopsies and we examine different types of death. The main purpose of the research is to prevent:

Research on the living. We focus on risk assessments and lesion types as well as mapping of lesion patterns. The research covers, amongst others:

Research in imaging diagnostics. This research is based on, among other things, CT and MRI scans performed prior to autopsies:

  • Comparison of diagnostics based on different scanning methods before and after death.
  • The Walking Dead project, where we create virtual 3D models of victim and perpetrator in order to reconstruct the course of events.
  • Development of a new method for assessing skull fractures, with imaging data forming the basis for the development of a skull model for biomechanical analysis.
  • Development of new methods for age assessement using MRI.
  • Validation of cardiac MRI scans for structural, cardiovascular and muscular disorders.

Research on forensic odontology. Focus areas are age assessement of the living. The project includes the following:

  • Use of CT X-ray (computer tomography) for dental examinations of the deceased.
  • Development of reference material to assist in the assessment of tooth development during childhood.

Professor Jytte Banner is our Head of Section. The research management also includes Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Christina Jacobsen.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Banner, Jytte Professor +4535326174 E-mail
Bugge, Anne Birgitte Dyhre Medical Specialist, Forensic +4535328152 E-mail
Gheorghe, Alexandra Gabriella Doctor   E-mail
Hansen, Carl Johann PhD Fellow +4561715300 E-mail
Holm, Pernille Heimdal PhD Fellow +4535332198 E-mail
Jacobsen, Christina Associate Professor +4535326168 E-mail
Jensen, Niels Dyrgaard Forensic Odontologist +4535337161 E-mail
Justesen, Daniella PhD Fellow +4535324045 E-mail
Jørkov, Marie Louise Schjellerup Associate Professor +4535327229 E-mail
Khatam-Lashgari, Apameh Research Assistant   E-mail
Kristensen, Anders Raastrup Associate Professor +4525363896 E-mail
Larsen, Sara Special Consultant +4535326190 E-mail
Munkholm, Julie Hjortshøj Medical Specialist, Forensic +4535326169 E-mail
Olsen, Kristine Boisen Medical Specialist, Forensic +4535337145 E-mail
Palsøe, Marie Kroman PhD Fellow +4535333154 E-mail
Ruiz Oropeza, Athamaica Doctor +4535335698 E-mail
Villa, Chiara Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535337160 E-mail
Ylijoki-Sørensen, Seija Consultant Doctor +4535337286 E-mail