Research in forensic genetics

At the Section of Forensic Genetics, our research focus on forensic genetics and inherited diseases. The research serves various purposes.

The purpose of the forensic genetics research is to improve the methods we already use to investigate DNA in identification and crime cases, and to develop new methods for forensic genetic use: Our research is focused on:

  • Identification: Analysis of DNA markers and methods for use in crime, paternity, and relationship cases.
  • Massively parallel sequencing (next generation sequencing): Development of new analytical methods for use in forensic genetics, including analyses of DNA, RNA, and methylated DNA.
  • Population genetics: Analyzing population dynamics and how these may influence case work reporting.

The purpose of our research in inherited diseases is to identify genetic or epigenetic variations associated with specific diseases, which may help explain a sudden and unexpected death. Our research is focused on:

  • Sudden unexpected cardiac death (molecular autopsy): Identification of epigenetic or genetic variations that may assist the autopsy in identifying the cause of death.

The Section of Forensic Genetics is headed by Forensic Geneticist, PhD, Bo Thisted Simonsen. Our research management includes the Head of Research Professor Jacob Tfelt, and Senior Researcher Claus Børsting. If you would like to hear about the possibilities of carrying out a research project in our research group, please contact Jacob Tfelt.

Click on the researcher names below to read more about their projects:

Name Title Phone E-mail
Alves E Silva Pereira, Vania Associate Professor +4535326022 E-mail
Andersen, Jeppe Dyrberg Associate Professor +4535326916 E-mail
Bhardwaj, Priya PhD Fellow +4535334810 E-mail
Børsting, Claus Senior Researcher +4535326225 E-mail
Claessens, Floor Anna Josephine PhD Fellow +4535326807 E-mail
Dupont, Mikkel Eriksen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Jacobsen, Stine Bøttcher Research Assistant +4535326144 E-mail
Köksal, Zehra PhD Fellow   E-mail
Meyer, Olivia Luxford Postdoc +4535324917 E-mail
Morling, Niels Professor +4535326194 E-mail
Mujkanovic, Jasmin PhD Fellow +4535327847 E-mail
Poggiali, Brando Research Assistant   E-mail
Refn, Mie Rath Research Assistant   E-mail
Rodrigues, Pedro Manuel Fernandes External, Ph.d Student +4535328508 E-mail
Tfelt, Jacob Professor +4535331477 E-mail