Daniel Carby-Robinson

Daniel Carby-Robinson

Ph.d. stipendiat

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    Development of methods for mpurity profiling of seized narcotics using high resolution mass spectrometry.

    In my ongoing ph.d. project, I am working to develop methods based on high resolution analytical techniques, in an effort to improve routine profiling work performed at the section of forensic chemistry. Impurity profiling provides valuable intelligence information to law enforcement, therefore there is an increasing demand for this type of analysis to aid in police investigations of drug manufacture and trafficking. 

    Project period: 15/10/2019- 15/10/2022

    Main supervisor: Petur Weihe Dalsgaard

    Co-supervisors: Brian Schou Rasmussen & Kristian Linnet

    Fields of interest

    • Forensic chemistry
    • Mass spectrometry
    • Impurity profiling
    • Chemometrics

    ID: 224121629